Saturday, January 2, 2010

Type my write

Today was a catch up day. Although I didn't catch up that much. I did however learn a bit more about health insurance from my very intelligent h.i. savvy friend Steph and typed up 8 of my pieces from a project I am working on with my friend Jessica.

Who knew typing up what I write could take so long. But it does. It's very tedious work but it's fun, too. Put on some good music, some mood lighting and type away. The best part about it is getting to re-live my stories. Visualize them as I am reading them.
Enjoy the characters, the setting, the dialogue. And what's really funny is while I'm typing, thinking what the character might say next, although not remembering what I had written and then seeing that I had written what I thought might come next.
I feel solid that I know who my characters are and what they would say.

I also get to take a look at how much I have written. Step back and realize I have gotten alot of writing done since I started writing in May. And I will continue to write.


  1. incredible. you're constantly progressing. nice work. i want to know more...

  2. Happy New Year !!!

    2010 New Year's Fireworks show


    I'm gonng keep this one forever, it's kinda like being in the newspaper :).