Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of the decade

Well, we did it. Today is the last day of the single digit days of the 2000 millenia.
We begin the next decade tomorrow or tonight at midnight. Some begin before others and in fact are already celebrating the new year perhaps in Thailand or somewhere far away from San Francisco.
My friends in New York and Austin and other cities will also hit 2010 before me.
The new year always brings a fresh start for me. A new beginning. A clean slate.
I'm excited for the new year to put myself out there especially for the things that scare me.
Dive in head first.
And I had planned to begin tomorrow...but that's my standard plan/excuse/idea.
So I began TODAY. Right now. No time like the present.

I will be keeping a daily blog of my life and my adventures.
I don't make resolutions because they don't motivate me long term.
I am making specific goals this year to keep me moving forward.
And one of those goals is to write daily which is what I will be doing with this blog.

Read it, don't read it. It's for me, to keep moving forward and to write every day.