Thursday, January 14, 2010


District 9...WTF...hah!
I am sure I should take some time to think it out and see what it symbolizes but it hasn't completely sunk in yet since I just finished it and need to go to sleep asap.
It was definitely interesting, though, and gross at times. Though, not as gross as people made it out to be.

It is definitely better than alot of movies out there, especially better than 2012 which I thought for sure wasn't going to be as bad as people said.
Whoever those people were.

I do look forward to seeing "The Lovely Bones" this weekend. Look forward in the way that I read the book quite a while ago and Peter Jackson is directing it. I love his work.
But I am prepared. It's a messed up story.

How wonderful that an author can make you feel what you feel from the words they wriet. I hope I do the same.

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  1. I also watched District 9 last night with CR...and the feelings you posted were mutual. It was weird, didn't expect it coming, and yet I found that at the end of the movie I really thought the alien was going to come back for him.

    I like to think that he did.