Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm not perfect

Well I'm far from perfect in Many ways. I don't know anyone who is perfect and it would be creepy if they were.

So I "technically" missed my cut off for my today (Monday's) blog posting. But to me what really matters is that I keep moving forward. Yes I am doing my posting for Monday now before going to sleep after a wonderful day of spending time with my mom and my mom's friend who I have known forever and my nieces, grandparents, dad, brother and sister in law. I also got to enjoy some time with friends.

So to me it's all ok that I am getting to my posting late. Isn't good time with friends and family what life is all about!?!

Sadly my visit in Austin is coming to an end for this round. I have one more day and am catching up with some friends. It was really hard go say goodbye for now to my family. I hope they come visit me. Even if SF is cold sometimes it's still a beautiful vibrant city.

Thank u to my friends and family for making my Austin adventure always fun and exciting like karaoke and bowling last night.

Til next time!

Oh yeah! I have one more day. I will make the most of it.

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