Sunday, January 17, 2010

Seeing things

So I have had a fantastic weekend just relaxing with Cassandra.
We have been watching this show called "Psychic Kids" for the last few hours.
Probably for longer than I want to admit.
But it's a really cool show.
Makes me realize most of us have probably had some sort of feeling of something watching us or had a creepy feeling like something is in the room at some point.
I'm not feeling that at this moment, luckily, but I have had that feeling.

It's cool to see the kids on this show and what they feel and how they accomplish getting past their fear.
It's a good lesson to learn and apply to other aspects of life.
To sit with the process and not have fear within facing that fear.

I will take positivity from this lesson and apply it to my own life.
Thanks, Psychic Kids!

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