Sunday, January 10, 2010

How Austin has changed....and hasn't

It's still set in Central Texas. ok, I know...duh
It's still hot as hell in the summers and can get really cold sometimes in the winter, like now.
But the city itself is totally growing and expanding. In a really cool way.
There are all kinds of areas popping up all over the city that my friends are taking me to of new bars, restaurants and even a hip bowling alley that I am going to tonight.
The bowling alley even has a karaoke area that has individual rooms you can go into with your friends and have your own personal party.

The mexican food here is still amazing, so luckily that has NOT changed.

The best thing about Austin that hasn't changed is the people and how personable and friendly they are. For instance, when someone bumps into you, which doesn't happen often, they acknowledge you and apologize. Or if you are walking into a place and someone is walking out, they probably will say "hi" and open the door for you.
And my favorite is when ordering a coffee or anything really, the person helping you actually says "hello" and proceeds with a conversation about "what would you like" and then after the transaction ends it with a "thank you."

This might seem like a small thing and ridiculous to get excited about but really it's not. It's something I used to take for granted and then when I moved to San Francisco didn't understand why people were so closed off.

I am going back with a good attitude, though. I intend to bring the southern hospitality back with me and give that as a gift to west coasters and maybe it will come back around to me. Maybe not...but that's not the point.

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