Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just stick with it

My wise writing teacher told me that my email read like a frustrated poem
That, I like.

Yes, when I'm feeling out of touch with my writing...not making time,
not making progress, I reach into the deep pits inside myself
and turn to trying to "fix"myself.
Like there's a secret handshake I haven't learned yet.
Or there's a buddhist quote that will open the mental door.
Or a moment in time when everything will just switch and I will "become a writer" and everything will be different.

But I am a writer. And this is only a moment in time.
And I WILL stick with it.
And I am making progress.
No one holds the barometer of my progress except me and I'm the one making up those standards.

I am writing every single day like I said I would.
It's 11:59pm and here I am. Fully present and accomplishing my

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