Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My number 1 fan

Hi babe,
Thank you so much for becoming a follower. You always tell me you are my number 1 fan.
I want you to know how much I appreciate you and love you.

Ok, so the whole world or maybe just you and me know how much I love you. (I don't think anyone else is reading this..haha)

Today was a good day and YES!!! I did write. I met my friend and partner in crime Jessica at a cafe to catch up and write. We typically write using prompts and time our writing so we have a time goal like 20 minutes.
Prompts can be anything like a sentence, a quote, a word, a song, a picture, a smell, etc. Anything that takes you to the "dream space" as our favorite writing teacher (Chris) calls it.
And you sit there and write. Don't criticize. Write the first thing that comes to mind and no editing. Just write.
This method has been very helpful for me to push the critic away and to follow my creative mind down the path it is leading me.

Jessica is a superstar prompt creator and is almost always in charge of providing this. Which is amazing.

I encourage others to write and acknowledge the critic if it shows up but not to listen to it.

If you should like to write, I am going to share the prompt Jessica created that I wrote from today:

"Fuck being tough."

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  1. i love you. fuck being tough unless you're in the gluten-free cookie mob and have to fight crime with your homies against cone-boobed pot-bellied mole rats that have toxic flaky skin which can deteriorate floor boards, sharp razor teeth that gnaw at you and acid slobber that leaves a chemical in the air that burns your eyeballs.