Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So, I am including here an exercise I did in writing class last week, my first week of my new writing class. We worked on developing setting.

All I was given was the Location: K-Mart (a positive experience)
and the Emotion: Fear

Here is a 10 minute exercise I wrote in class. Keep in mind this is the first draft of an exercise and not revised or intended to be anything other than an exercise:

The black sky hovered over Paul as he scurried into the K-Mart down the street from his house. He had walked at a fast pace in the cold night to get away from his house.

The glass doors slid open quickly and startled him. He turned around to see if someone was following him. His eyes darted left and right, in front of him and behind him. He backed into the entryway and a voice said, "Hi. Welcome to K-Mart."
He jumped and screamed, "Ahhhhh!" and backed away from the door greeter who held out a balloon.

Moving into the store, he pulled his collar up around his neck and stared at the happy families that casually strolled by him.

To his left a loud burst startled him. The lump in his throat grew as he slowly turned to his left to the smell of fresh popcorn popping in the cafe.

His body rushed with warmth as he dashed away to the toy aisle. Little children were laughing with each other as they took turns on the rocking horse. The laughter surrounded him like a fun house carnival echoing in his mind.

Sweat dripped down his face as his heart beat rapidly. The calm overhead music frustrated him as he felt lost in the maze of aisles. Turning a corner withouth looking, a customer ran into him.
Paul screamed,"What do you want from me!?!"
"Oh!" exclaimed the little white-haired woman in her 80's who was regaining her balance on her walker. "Excuse me, son. I am so sorry."

Paul's breath was heavy as he wrapped his arms around his body and darted away from the lady.

He searched around again left and right to see if anyone suspicious was staring at him. His chest felt as if someone was pinning him down and sitting on him.

"Bing" came over the speakers as a calm voice announced, "Blue light special on Aisle 5. All guns and ammo are now half off."

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